With many years of experience in the field of air freight and professional, we offer a wide range of consolidated air freight forwarding services:
  • Pick-up
  • Customs clearance
  • Delivery  to a vast range of world destinations. 
  • Distribution operations
  • Weekly Consolidation service
  • Door to Door full service
  • Packaging, warehousing
  • Send goods from Vietnam to other countries and vice versa
  • Any size, weight, location
  • Domestic and international
With a worldwide network of agents, IPO logistics ensure shortened lead times, providing the security and reliability required.
We also provide multi-modal transportation, combine sea freight, air freight and trucking for flexibility, efficience and reducing cost. CẨM NANG NGHIỆP VỤ HẢI QUAN
Please contact us to have the best service and prices:
Hotline  Mr Tommy    0938 960 113
              Mr Tinh        0908.040.912