First Hapag-Lloyd vessels to pass the Suez Canal today

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First Hapag-Lloyd vessels to pass the Suez Canal today

Traffic through the Suez Canal has commenced. The southbound convoy entered the canal this morning with 48 ships that moved from Port Said anchorage to the Great Bitter Lake. The convoy will include our vessels “Tsingtao Express” and “Salahuddin”. The northbound convoy is planned for direct transit this morning with 25 vessels including our “Barzan”.

Exact ETA of our affected vessels is still under evaluation. We are doing our utmost to optimize the rotations in order to minimize potential bottlenecks at ports and terminals. Further operational measures will be communicated in due time.

The following Hapag-Lloyd vessels still await permission to continue their journey:

  • “Athenian” Voy 1204 (DP 261750) waiting in outer anchorage in Port Said (TPI Service eastbound)
  • “Al Rawdah” Voy 1305W (DP 261148) waiting in outer anchorage in Suez (IOS Service westbound)
  • “New York Express” Voy 041E (DP 264927) locked in at Great Bitter Lake (MD1 eastbound)
  • “Warnow Master” Voy 2100N (DP 269757) waiting in outer anchorage in Suez (FE4 westbound)
  • “Tokyo Bay” Voy 2108E (DP 262705) (IEX Port Said eastbound)
  • “Laila” Voy 001E (DP 270067) (FE4 Port Said eastbound)

The following vessels of our partners in THE Alliance with Hapag-Lloyd containers on board have been rerouted via the Cape of Good Hope:

  • “HMM Dublin”, Voy 003E (DP: 262200), (FE2 Service eastbound)
  • “HMM Stockholm”, Voy 003W (DP: 265016), (FE3 Service westbound)
  • “HMM Rotterdam”, Voy 003E (DP: 265000), (FE3 Service eastbound)
  • “ONE Munchen”, Voy 027W (DP: 263268), (EC4 Service westbound)
  • “YM Wellhead”, Voy 030E (DP: 263285), (EC4 Service eastbound)
  • “ONE Marvel”, Voy 054E (DP: 265224), (EC5 Service eastbound)

Please be assured that we are tirelessly working 24/7 to keep the impact on our customers as low as possible. We will keep you regularly updated about the further developments. You can also find updated information on our website.

We expect the backlog in Suez Canal to be cleared until this weekend.

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