Procedures for exporting bamboo and rattan

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Procedures for exporting bamboo and rattan – The rattan and bamboo craft in Vietnam was formed and developed thousands of years ago. Having gone through many ups and downs in the development process, this profession is now increasingly prosperous and has a certain position in the consumer market. In addition, bamboo and rattan is one of the handicraft items with great export value in Vietnam, favored by many foreign people, especially Japan, America, Spain, and Russia. …
Along with the process of international trade integration, the bamboo and rattan industry has also made strong changes and achieved many successes. So have you ever wondered about the procedures and processes for exporting these bamboo and rattan products? What export licenses need to be prepared?

I. Procedures for exporting bamboo and rattan
1. Legal basis for export

Bamboo and rattan are not on the list of items banned from export according to the provisions of law. Therefore, businesses can export and carry out normal rattan and bamboo export procedures.

Thủ tục xuất mây tre đan

2. HS Code of bamboo and rattan products
Depending on the item as well as the material, the HS Code of bamboo and rattan products will be different. Specifically, for bamboo and rattan products, there will be HS Code under group 4602 – Bamboo, rattan, wicker and other items made directly from plaiting materials or made from items in group 46.01; products from the luffa family. Below is the HS Code of some rattan and bamboo products:
460211: Products made from bamboo:
46021110: Travel bags and suitcases
46021120: Bottle basket
46021190: Other
460212: Products made from rattan:
46021210: Travel bags and suitcases
46021220: Bottle basket
46021290: Other
460219: Other:
46021910: Travel bags and suitcases
46021920: Bottle basket
46021990: Other
460290: Other:
46029010: Travel bags and suitcases
46029020: Bottle basket
46029090: Other
3. How much is the current export tax?
Pursuant to Appendix I – Export tariff schedule according to the list of taxable items of Decree 125/2017/ND-CP. Handicraft and bamboo and rattan products are not on the list of items subject to export tax. Therefore, when exporting bamboo and rattan products, businesses do not have to pay export tax.
In addition, VAT on bamboo and rattan when exported according to current regulations is also 0%.

Thủ tục xuất mây tre đan

4. Customs documents for exporting rattan and bamboo

The customs dossier for exporting rattan and bamboo includes the following papers and documents:
Commercial Invoice (Commercial Invoice);
Packing List (Packing list);
Bill of Lading (Shipping Line Bill of Lading);
Certificate of Origin (C/O if any);
Plant quarantine certificate;
Fumigation Certificate (Fumigation Certificate);
Certificate of origin (If any);
Other related documents,…

III. Bamboo and rattan export process

Step 1: After packing the goods into the container, they will register for plant quarantine. You can register for quarantine at the ICD, warehouse or right at the place of quarantine registration.
Step 2: Fumigate the container.
Step 3: Go through customs procedures.
Step 4: Shipment clearance.

II. Rattan and bamboo export licenses need to be prepared
Before exporting rattan and bamboo products, businesses need to register for plant quarantine and fumigation.
Plant quarantine registration dossier for bamboo and rattan products includes:
Plant quarantine registration certificate (According to the quarantine agency’s form specified in Appendix IV issued with Circular 33/2014/TT-BNNPTNT);
Goods purchase contract, bill of lading, packing list if any;
Authorization letter of the goods owner (In case the registering party is the person authorized by the goods owner);
Bamboo and rattan samples of the shipment need to be quarantined.
If the shipment meets the quarantine requirements of the importing country, the Plant Quarantine Agency will issue a plant quarantine certificate to the business. And vice versa.
To apply for a fumigation certificate, businesses need to prepare a set of documents including:
Commercial invoice;
Packing list;
Bill of lading.

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