Procedures for importing sanitary equipment

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Procedures for importing sanitary wares: showers, bathtubs, toilet seats …

In this article I will talk about the procedure for importing sanitary ware, also known as bathroom equipment.

The sanitary equipment is being imported popularly today such as showers, faucets, washbasins, bathtubs …

It can be classified into 2 main groups, with slightly different import procedures:

  • Group of sanitary wares: toilet, cottage, squash, washbasin: according to Circular 15/2014 / TT-BXD, regulation conformity announcement and quality inspection are required, but the General Department of Customs has an official dispatch director has not done this temporarily (details below).

    Non-porcelain products such as showers, faucets, etc.: neither the declaration of conformity nor specialized inspection is required The identification of the HS code is important because it is directly related to product policy and tax books for that goods. Searching and applying HS codes is a relatively difficult business, and you need to understand the 6 rules of HS coding. From there, based on the actual goods, it will be possible to choose the appropriate HS code.

    HS code of showers, faucets: 8481

    HS codes for bathtubs, hand basins: 3922 (plastic), 6910 (porcelain)

    Once you know the HS Code, you can completely look up the import tax of sanitary equipment on the Website of the General Department of Customs.

    For example, suppose that after searching, you know that the HS code of a chromium-plated copper shower item is 8481.8059. Go to the General Department website, copy and paste in the box “Code” and tick “Preferential import tax”. Then press Enter or click on the search icon (magnifying glass), you will know that the shower tax import tax is 20%. Of course, if there is CO, there may be a more preferential tax rate. And this item, when imported, is also subject to 10% VAT.


    Procedures of Declaration of conformity for sanitary porcelain products

    Sanitary porcelain products are porcelain products used for sanitary purposes, which are currently used very popularly in families. For example: the girl, toilet, squat, washbasin …

    Under the provisions of Circular 15/2014 / TT-BXD, when importing these items, you must declare conformity.

    However, according to Official Letter 1117 / TCHQ-GSQL dated February 6, 2015, the General Department of Customs has instructed Customs Departments to “not implement regulations on inspection of technical regulations for goods”. This means that it is not yet required to make the Declaration of conformity with the sanitary porcelain product group.

    The reason in the letter given is: Circular 15 does not have a list of goods subject to standard inspection, no inspection request form, inspection conclusion form, no list of organizations with inspection function. , normative assessment …

    Fortunately, by the end of 2017, I found that in Hai Phong, I was still implementing the document 1117 above. So if you import porcelain sanitary wares such as toilets, washbasins … to Hai Phong port, you can still rest assured that you do not have to declare conformity or check quality at all.

    Customs procedures for import of sanitary equipment

    If there is no regulation conformity announcement, or specialized inspection, the customs procedures are the same as normal goods. Some basic steps:

    Register and transmit the declaration using the software
    Prepare customs documents: Declaration, Invoice, Bill of Lading …
    Submit the application and clear customs procedures at the customs office

    More detail, you can contact us


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