At IPOLOGISTICS, we secure the storage of your finished goods and bulk materials. Our strategically built warehousing facility offers reliable and secure storage capabilities with all the smart warehousing techniques. We provide contract warehousing service to serve our clients with the best logistics planning.
IPOLOGISTICS helps companies to store their goods in a centralized location so that the products can be transported to their destination easily. This type of smart warehousing solution reduces the cost of transportation by easily transporting the goods to their respective destinations. Our contract warehouses offer facilities such as packaging, inventory management, inventory control, quality control, and safe transportation. Our contract warehousing is cost effective and facilitates a high degree of control at a reasonable price.
IPO logistics Vietnam cung cấp nhiều dịch vụ như: Xuất nhập khẩu hàng hóa Dịch vụ logistics đa phương thức Vận tải hàng hải (FCL/ LCL), vận tải hàng không và chuyển phát Dịch vụ logistics trọn gói, hàng dự án và triển lãm Khai báo hải quan Vận chuyển hàng (Door to Door) quốc tế Vận tải nội địa Vận chuyển hàng nặng, quá khổ Môi giới vận tải Thương mại …

We have cooperated with other units in Ho Chi Minh city, Hai Phong, Hanoi to keep in stock all kinds of general goods before and after transport, saving time and costs for customer.

There are many inventory systems to meet your needs: 

  • From small to large goods
  • Bulky or heavy equipment
  • Bulk storage for raw materials
  • Finished products
  • Temperature-controlled items
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Vehicle storage
  • Bonded warehousing
Regardless of where your distribution needs arise, our professional management teams offer local expertise with a variety of industry backgrounds, enabling us to manage the most highly specialized and complex distribution requirements.


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